01. Masa is a really [decent] guy who would never lie to his girlfriend.
02. It's hard to find a [decent] restaurant in this town; all they seem to have is fast food places.
03. The released prisoners of war said they were treated [decently] by the enemy.
04. It is hard to get a [decent] education for one's children when the government continues to cut the education budget.
05. My mother didn't think it was [decent] to see other men after my dad died, but we hated to see her all alone.
06. The company president felt that [decency] required he resign after making decisions that almost bankrupted the company.
07. Nowadays, it is hard to earn a [decent] living unless both partners in a marriage are working.
08. My grandmother thinks it is [indecent] for people to have sex before marriage.
09. Actor James Earl Jones once suggested that because criminals carry guns, law-abiding citizens should also have guns, otherwise the criminals will win and [decent] people will lose.
10. No [decent] girl would go out with a boy like him. He's unemployed, impolite and untrustworthy.
11. He's pretty [decent] on defense but he's not one to score goals.
12. We were able to get a nice sofa at a [decent] price during the big sale.
13. He has been earning a [decent] income for a number of years now, and can afford to buy quite a nice house.
14. A [decent] home is a basic necessity of life.
15. The boys made a [decent] effort, but they still lost the game.
16. In November 2004, an aide to President George W. Bush suggested that in order to achieve a hopeful and [decent] society, the government would seek to ban same-sex marriage.

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